Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flocking to Add Texture

This is a very easy and simple technique to add some texture to your cut-out embellishment. I've actually shared this technique for a kit club sometime ago and just thought I should share it here too.

You can follow the simple steps below to create some textured butterflies.

1) Cut out some butterflies from pattern papers.

2) Apply some Glossy Accents on some parts of the butterflies and add some fun flock on top of it. Tilt off the excess.

3) Use a brush and some distress ink to paint around the flocked areas for some colours and a more natural look.

This technique would create a furry and softer look on your embellishment. Try it!


Wishful Thinking said...

What a great idea - much easier than using the embossing type of glue!
Thanks for sharing :-)

Amy said...

Very nice! Will have to try this out sometime. :)

Ms. Jen said...

Great tip! I'm gonna try it out this weekend.

Unknown said...

Thank you!!! It's beautiful!


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