Monday, September 22, 2008

Stitching in a Spiral

I know that this is not a new technique to most of you but I just thought I would share this anyway.

To create this kind of stitching, first you need to draw a swirl or spiral. Then pre-poke your stitching holes with a crafting foam underneath your paper or card stock. Poke your stitching holes along the drawn swirl. Then start stitching. Don't worry about doing perfect zig-zag stitches
all the way. For ares which are just too narrow or you need some space for the next zig-zag stitch, just stitch a normal stitch (see how I've stitched on the inner section of the spiral and at some areas of the spiral while I move along). This would actually make the stitching more interesting. It's part having some fun in your work. Try it.


paulien710 said...

Oh my.... that looks totally AWESOME!!!! I love your creative ideas Irene..... you alway come up with something new.... this is sooooooo cool, can't wait to see the rest!

Debbie said...

Irene you always come up with the most amazing techniques. Love this one too.

Love Debbie xx

Enchanted By Scraps said...

I visit your blog regularly but have nvr taken the effort to comment. Tot I wud let you know that you are really an awesome gal and I love your generosity in sharing your techniques and stuff!

Kara Ward said...

It is just another Irene beauty! Your style is unique and striking. I love it! Kara

Anonymous said...

very beautiful....j'adore

Rleen said...

I love the stitching and the flower. Beautiful card.


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