Friday, September 5, 2008

Net Stitching on your Felt

Recently I've got loads of fun felt stuffs from Blueyedezines and they're so fun to work with. I've actually used one of the oval shaped felt from their Fetalicious Self Adhesive Frames series. Do you ever wonder what you could do to cover up the raw edges on the sides of those thick felt pieces on your projects?

I've used the
"Net Stitching" technique to create a frame for it which also covers up the raw edges. I think it looks kinda cool and adds that cool layer of dimensions to your project.


paulien710 said...

Gosh, can't wait to see the entire project..... This looks sooooooo way cool!!!!
Love this Irene!

croppin carla said... much time to you have on your hands to create this beautiful stuff? I only wish! You ROCK girl!


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