Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stamping on Felt

This post that has been triggered by a reader who had emailed me after reading my last post about "Net Stitching on your Felt". She saw that picture there and ask me, "Did I stamped on my felt too?". I said "yes!". The best and most funniest part is that, in her last email, she said that I'm one crazy but very creative scrapper! LOL!
I guess with this email, I'm guessing that stamping on felt is not a normal thing for most scrappers to do. LOL! From now on, I want you all to try stamping on some felt. I would recommend you to use solvent ink and rubber stamps to stamp on felt. This is what I've done in my recent card. I must admit that it's also not my first time doing it.


LaY hOoN said...

You're such a great ...shall I call you 'explorer' ?

I've some award for you, kindly collect it in my blog.

paulien710 said...

he hee....
I stamped on felt before, and it works great!!!!!

can't wait to see the whole project!!

Katarina said...

Really nice work.. and you are one creative lady! And no not crazy...
beautiful work as usual

thank you for the huge inspiration


Jane said...

Explorer....yah that's a good discription!!! how do you dream up these ideas???? I may try this!!


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