Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Using Vellum and Vellum Quotes on Layouts

This is a post inspired by one of my forum friend, who asked about using vellum and vellum quotes on layouts.

I guess most of us had some vellum and vellum quotes lying around waiting to be used in our stack of supplies. Somehow, most of us get lost of ideas when it comes to vellum. Some of us would think that it is too difficult to attach it to our layouts and the colours aren't attractive enough.

I've used vellum and vellum quotes in some of my layouts and I love them.

~ Just use some small simple looking brads or eyelets to attached them to your layout and they will make your simple layouts looked stylish and adult.

~ I've even journalled on vellum in some of my layouts to add more interest.

~You can also use vellum quotes on tags. This is a quick and easy way to dress up a simple yet stylish tag.

~If you have some left over vellum quotes that are very difficult to use in your layouts, why not cut individual words out of it to paste it in part of your journalling.

~You can even cut part of your vellum quotes to layer over your photographs.

~Tear your vellum to cover part of your background or tags. This is very interesting if you have some pattern vellum to use.

It's not difficult to attach your vellum at all. There are so many kinds of brads, eyelets, holders and even staples out there that could do the job for you. You can also use some double sided tape too to attach them then later cover over them with your embellishments or even your photographs.

To see some of my layouts using vellum quotes, you can refer to "Features" in my baby gallery, "Autumn", "Time for Fun", "Favourite Thing", "Playtime" in my family gallery, "Yosemite", "Sea world", "Japanese Tea Garden" in my Travel-USA section.


Peridot&Sapphire said...

Hi, really get inspired by your scrapbooking. I'm from Penang too and would like to know where can I get the material such as non-acidic paper and album in penang? I'm a new beginner of book scrapping.... hope you can provide me some information. Thanks!

bosenberries said...

I know this is a super old post but wanted to thank you for the ideas.. never know what to do with the stuff even though it is so pretty!


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