Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Precious Tears

This layout is to capture Chloe's precious tears. It's so heart breaking to see her cry and it had just reminded me of capturing her facial expressions when she is sad.

This is my first attempt in using lots of flowers in a layout. They are actually artificial flowers bought at a very cheap price. (refer to my "Using Cheap Linen or Plastic Flowers" in my tips and tricks section for the technique to use these flowers)

I've stamped on two sides of the background paper to create a sort of an angle border. All the swirls here are hand cut or hand drawn. I know that there are die cuts in the stores that do swirls but it's too expensive for me to own one.

I've used some hand punched small petals to embellish the title to resemble Chloe's tears dripping down to the title.

I know that most of the time, we scrap about happy events or something that remind us of our happy times. But I think doing a layout based on some sad moments are also very important as our memories does not only consist of happy moments.

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