Monday, April 16, 2007

Out Of Shell

This is a layout about Chloe's first two teeth. The inspiration for this layout came to me when I looked at her teeth. It's so fresh, new and white as eggs shells. Therefore, I've thought of creating some sort of secret garden with some eggs and fresh newly hatched chicks.

By looking at her smile on the photograph, I wanted to create a layout with lots of happy colours and I've always wanted to try using the felt piecing technique in creating my layouts. You can refer to my topic "Felt Piecing in Layouts" in my tips and tricks section.

The title of this layout, "Out Of Shell" is from the two newly hatched chicks which also resembles Chloe's first two teeth. Therefore, I've pieced two chicks in this layout.

In this layout, I've also dress up my scallop edges paper. You can refer to my topic "Dress Up your Scallop Edges" in my tips and tricks section. I've also create a semi-circle out of pattern papers in sections in this layout. (Refer to my topic "Create your own Circular Template with Sections" in my tips and tricks section.

To add colours to this layout, I've felt pieced some insects and flowers too. I've done my journalling around the semi-circle in this layout and also I've added a flower petal tag which is partially hidden in the semi-circle.

I've lots of fun creating and playing around in this layout.


Jess said...

Oh WOW!!! This is my absolute favorite page I've seen on your blog! I LOVE all the beautiful details, you have really put so much work into this and made a true work of art. And I really love the idea about her little teeth being like newly hatched chicks! How sweet :).

Lizzy said...

Your blog is as good as your work!!!!

Russ said...

WOW! You are good!

Laura said...

WoW your awesome! Great pages Great blog!

Shanismom said...

this LO of your son is great. i love all the tutorials too.


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