Sunday, April 22, 2007

Crafting Foams on Layouts ~ Piecing

In my layout titled "Drips of Nectar" in my baby gallery, I've also pieced a butterfly using some crafting foams. To create this piecing, just follow the steps below:

1. Cut out your basic shape and then lightly draw your design pattern on the foam using pencil. Stitched the edges of the foam.
2. Punched some holes on the foam to decorate it and using some gel pens to add colours to it.
3. You can used some punched out small circles of foams to stuff into some of the holes to create more detailed look.
4. After decorating the whole piece, cut out pieces of foams for the body and head of the butterfly. Decorate the two pieces separately and then pieced them together using liquid glue or double sided tapes. I've shade the cheeks of the butterfly using some chalks.
5. I've also used some crafting wires to create its antenna.
Therefore, using crafting foams in layouts aren't that bad after all these detailing and piecing work. For more instructions as to detailing of foams, you can refer to "Crafting foams on layouts ~ detailing" in my tips and tricks section.

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