Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Using Cheap Linen or Plastic Flowers

I'm guessing here that most of us had quite a few bottles of the pre-made scrapbooking paper flowers stored and ready to be used. I must admit that these paper flowers are very nice but they are quite expensive too. Therefore, if you would liked to create a layout with lots of flowers, the price to pay might be a bit high.

Recently, I've created a layout titled "Precious Tears" in my baby gallery section, where I've used lots of flowers but on a very cheap price.

In this layout, I've used some cheap linen and plastic flowers that you could easily buy anywhere. The flowers looked more realistic and you can get lots of them at a very low price. I've used these flowers quite a few times in my layouts, such as "Strawberry Smoothies" in my family gallery section and "So Tasty" in my baby gallery section.

In order to attach the flowers to your layout, simply follow the steps below:

1. remove the plastic stopper behind the flowers which will allow you to easily pull out the middle portion of the flowers.

2. use the petals with your desired brads or even buttons.

3. If you would liked to use back the decoratives in the original flower, simply use a cutter to flatten the back of the decoratives and then you can stick it to your buttons or brads.

So next time if you come across some beautiful artificial flowers anywhere that you liked a lot, try using them in your layouts.

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Heather in WA state said...

I love the idea of using cheap flowers and it looks beautiful too. But does it make your pages too bulky to store in an album, or is this just simply for a shadow box or something to display on a wall?


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