Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Coloured Index Photographs Transfer

I've previously posted a "Packing Tape Transfer" topic under my tips and tricks section. This is an extension to it. This time, it's about transferring own created coloured multi-sized photographs onto packing tapes. The steps are as follows:
1. Use softwares (i.e. Microsoft Words) to copy and paste your photographs. Create an index print look with different sizes of photographs. Make sure you leave some space in between the lines. (this is to ease the sticking process later) Use toner based ink or water proof ink to print this index print onto normal printing paper. The toner ink print will give a more sharper look and the water proof ink will give a more distressed look.
2. Cover the strips of photographs using packing tapes and rub on top of it using your fingers or bone folder.

3. Cut out the photographs into it's individual sizes.

4. Choose which ever piece of photographs you want to use, soak them into water for few sections.
5. Later, rub off the backing paper using your fingers or bone folder. This will reveal the coloured image on the packing tape.
6. After rubbing off the paper backing, the tape is still sticky. Stick directly onto any surface that you want. Rub the top again using bone folder to remove any bubbles.
I've tried using both toner and water proof ink with this technique on my layouts. For the toner transfer, you can refer to my layout titled "Family" and "Bro & Sis" in my family gallery. For the water proof ink transfer, you can refer to "First Six Months" in my baby gallery.

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