Sunday, April 22, 2007

Drips Of Nectar

This layout is about Chloe drooling. The inspirations for this layout is from Chloe's photographs above. I've always liked to get inspirations from the photographs that I wanted to scrap on.

She looked so sweet even when she is drooling. It's so sweet and cute until it makes you forget about her drooling. Therefore, I've thought of it as the sweetness of nectar of a flower. With that, I've named the layout "Drips Of Nectar".

I've tried to use crafting foams and some laces in this layout. I've used some crafting foams to create pieces in the layout and even used it to do some detailing on the pattern papers in the layout. You can refer to my topics "Crafting foams on layouts ~ Piecing" and "Crafting foams on layouts ~ detailing" in my tips and tricks section for the step by step how-tos.

For this layout, I've journaled around the stalks. Hope I've successfully, break the negative thoughts of using crafting foams on layouts. Try this technique in your next layout. It's fun any easy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What are those things on the photos? This would be a good layout, but the things on the photos are distracting. I think your page would look much better without them.


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