Monday, April 16, 2007

Dress Up your Scallop Edges

I believed most of us had use scallop papers in our layouts. To create a scallop paper of your own, you can refer to my topic "Create your own Scallop Paper Template" in my tips and tricks section.

Have thought of dressing it up besides chalking, stamping or even inking it? Recently, I've done a differently kind of dressing up on my scallop edges paper for my latest layout titled "Out Of Shell" in my baby gallery.

The steps are as follows:

1. After inking or chalking my scallop edges, used a circular object of the size that's slightly smaller than the size of the scallop shape on your paper, to draw a sort of a semi-circle in the middle of the scallop edges.

2. Use a hand puncher or any puncher that you have, punch holes following the line that you've drawn in the earlier step. (Don't punch the holes too near to each other or the paper will tear)

3. Use a semi hard ribbon or rather a plastic ribbon, cut it into the right size so that it could fit through the holes you've punched earlier. Using a plastic ribbon is easier to make this dress up of the scallop edges. The fabric ribbons would be too soft and difficult to use in this case. However, you still can try using fabric ribbons if you like but try to get the narrow fabric ribbons.

4. Using some black hair pins, clip on the end of the ribbons (this makes it easier for you to do the weaving through the small holes), then start to weave. You can combine as many colours of ribbons you want. In my dress up, I've used two colours alternately, to create a more interesting look.

Don't you think after this dress up, the scallop edges looked more softer and interesting?

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Lizzy said...

Gorgeous, TFS!!!


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