Thursday, April 5, 2007

Aluminium Foils in Layouts

I bet everyone has some aluminium foils lying around in the kitchen. Why not use the foils that are too small for cooking purposes on your layouts. Instead of throwing it away, use some imagination and apply it to your layout. Recently, I've just finished one layout titled "Playtime" in my family gallery section, using aluminium foils.

In this layout, I've used aluminium foils to create a flower swirl and a swirling tag. Follow the steps below to create an aluminium foil embellishment.

1. Paste your aluminium foils onto a piece of paper or card using some liquid glue. (make sure that every part of the aluminium foil is covered in glue). This is for easy cutting later (aluminium foils tear easily).

2. Draw your design on the aluminium foil (after pasting onto paper). You can use a stylus or any thing that are not too sharp and don't press too hard while drawing your design or else the foil will tear.

3. Slowly cut out your design. This process do take a lot of patience. You can use a craft knife or a cuticle scissors. Both works fine for this step.

You can also use some design cutters or punches to get your desired embellishments.This technique adds shine to your page which normal silver paper can't. This is because of the crinkles on the foils. Look for some aluminium foils in your kitchen and try this technique on your next layout.

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cindy said...

This is awesome. I have been recyling the aluminum foil from yogurt containers for about 3 wks. Now I know what to do with them. Thanks you really are an incredible designer. Cindy


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