Sunday, April 22, 2007

Crafting Foam on Layouts ~ Detailing

Most of us do not like the textures and look of crafting foams. It's so flat and the colours are just not appealing especially to the eyes of an adult. Therefore, I'm trying to break the thoughts through my latest layout titled "Drips of Nectar" in my baby gallery where I've used lots of crafting foams in creating it.

To avoid the flat look of a crafting foams, what we need to do is to add dimensions and details.

In my layout, I've done some details on the drips or petals of the flowers using the following steps:

1. Cut out a basic shape that you want from a foam and punch out some small circles/dots from various coloured foams.

2. Get a hand puncher, a pair of tweezers and some liquid glue.

3. Lightly, draw your basic pattern or design on the foam itself using pencil.

4. Stitched the sides of the foam to create a sort of more defined look. Then using gel pens to decorate the pattern that you've drawn on the foam.

5. To add more dimension, decorate part of your pattern by punching out holes on the foam.

6. To further add interest to it, using tweezers, arranged some punched out small circles on top of the foam. You can also stack up the foam circles to add another layer of dimension or to create flowers etc.

Finally, you will get some interesting pieces to decorate your layouts. After these process of detailing, I believed that they are no longer boring or flat. The effect of using gel pens also add some great colours to it.

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Amy said...

Thank you for the instructions and close ups of this technique. I really love it. Your pieces are beautiful!


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