Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tick Free!

This week, Hiro is is tick free! His groomer managed to get rid of all the ticks on him by giving him a medicated bath and hand removed all the rest of the ticks on him. He is now back to his usual charming look. He enjoyed his stay at his usual boarding place when we were away at Indonesia and meet some of his old friends there.

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Shona said...

awwwwww I am glad he is back and tick free yippeeeee :)

Marley said...

Thats goodddd news! Hiro you look beautiful and im glad you are tick free.. big hugs Marley

Sweety said...

Yay... got rid of those nasty tick.. good one!!! and he is look so handsome again!!!

Lynn Biermann said...

Yeah! tick free! I am so happy Hiro is home & tick free! He had so many people world wide rooting for his return!


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