Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Twisted Rose

This is a very easy technique for you to create your very own paper roses. Recently, I've created these twisted roses for one of my DT project.

Here are the steps.  
1) What you need is basically a stapler and a strip of paper. (Tip: A great way to use up any scraps or leftover pattern paper. Use a longer and wider strip of paper for a bigger rose)
2) Twist the strip of paper just like the picture above.

3) Fold the twisted strip of paper in circular. Start by creating a fold in the middle of the rose and then slowly adding layers around it. (Tip: Leave some angles along the circular folding) Secure the end of the strip by stapling it on the bottom of the rose. You could use this twisted rose as it is now or you could take a few steps further.

Here are some easy steps to further detail your twisted rose.
4. I've misted the roses with some distress ink. Just mix some distress ink with water in a mini mister and mist it on the roses. You could also use any other mist you have.
5. Later, I've added some distress stickles on top of it. You could also heat the stickles up with a heating tool to create a melted metallic texture.

This is such a great and easy way to use up some of the scraps that we have lying around instead of throwing it away. Try it!


Martine Labelle said...

those look great! thanks for the tutorial!

Miss Amazing said...

Thats awesome! I love these little flowers you keep teaching us! I'll have to play around with this one as I haven't quite figured it out yet ;) thanks Irene!

grandmalee said...

Thanks for another awesome tutorial! They always look so much better when you do it though!

Gabby said...

Super idea and it looks do-able to me! I have some friends coming over in Nov to paper craft. I think this'll be one of the projects! THANKS! By the way, I think your projects are amazing! I refer to Tim Holtz as the 'King of Grunge'--he knows it cause I emailed him to tell him and he replied. I can't tell you how excited I was when you became a member of his design team! I look forward to seeing your blog every day. Thanks for sharing your extreme creative spirit with all of us! :)

Gra said...

Hi Irene!!!Beautiful roses!!! Everything you do is beautiful!!!
Hugs and kisses!!!

Chris said...

Oh wow love the roses...just beautiful and thanks for the tutorial. ♥♥♥

Eli said...

Oh thanks a lot fot this instruction! Paper rose is big problem for my hands :)) I hope that I'll do new trying rose this evening... ;)))

Clare D. said...

Thanks for this! I have seen these made with fabric, but never thought of my paper! And love the stapler idea.

Peggy said...

Super easy and so beautiful!!!!! Thanks, Irene!!!!

Kasia said...

Wow! It's beautiful! :)

Chok Keun said...

Irene, thanks for sharing this great tutorial!


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