Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Update!

I've actually received a few emails asking me, how's Hiro after his annual booster vaccination. When he first came back after the shot, he is a bit tired and sleepy. But after a nap, he is all fine and acting normal again. There are no side effects nor did the shot make him loose his appetite. In fact, he is eating even more after his deworm pills....LOL!

He has a new friend this week. Our neighbour bought a new "Maltese". A very cute white puppy. She barks a lot and Hiro is always looking out into that direction. Guess he will get use to it soon.

Check back tomorrow for another new project from me. Have a great weekend!


zandra said...

That's so great! I love Maltese's they are the sweetest and they don't shed. Hugz, Z

kanibee said...

Congrats, on your new team membership, how great to hear that. As for Hiro, well, what can I say. He sure is a naughty pup, but he will outgrow it and soon these chewing days will just be a memory away, lol.


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