Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hiro's Curiosity!

This week, I want to share with you all some pictures that we've captured while taking Hiro for a walk outdoor. Yes! They're pictures that shows his curiosity about the nature!
Hiro is a natural plant attacker! LOL! He destroy all our potted plants at home. I have to move all my potted plants to somewhere that he could not reach! I've had experienced having many dogs before Hiro and NONE of them at plant attackers! He just love to bite the leaves off the plants or sometimes, pull the plants out from the soil. Luckily, he does not like eating them...LOL! 
And above is another pictures captured while he is busy checking out the surroundings. Look at how deep he is willing to venture to learn more. Are your pups or dogs curious about something too? Share it with me here!

1 comment:

S@ski@ said...

Kids can be annoying too, when it comes to curiousity! Especially when they are toddlers. And when they reach puberty...pfew...


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