Sunday, October 10, 2010

Different Faces

This week I would like to share some pictures of different faces on different dogs. We've managed to capture some pictures of my mom's dogs while visiting her home last week. Just thought I would share it here for you all to see and study the different faces of dogs. To us, Hiro always has that heroic and charming face. 

 This is Suki. She is a "Dauschound". Doesn't she looks liked a lady?
 This is Max. He is a "Chihuahua". He looks smart and fast to me!
Lastly, this is CoCo. She is a "Shih Tzu". She is such a doll and a mama's girl!

What do you think about all these different faces? Do you have the same thoughts? Share it with me here!

1 comment:

valeria vac said...

Irene, I have three dogs and I love them all. Each one have different faces. When people come into my house they frequently ask me, Can you recognize each other? and I always say, yes they are so different!!!


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