Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Hiro's Week

This week had been an unusual week with Hiro and it has been frustrating. This week, Hiro won't poop when we bring him for his usual bathroom walks. He chose to do it at home. We are kind of lost and had no idea as to why he is doing so. We did apply the solution to get rid of the smell, hoping that he won't do it again but it's not working. We really hope that he would improve and don't do it again. Does this happened to your dogs before? Do you have any idea as to why? Please share it with me here!  


Unknown said...

persistance and patience
regular walks (!!)
lots of praise if he does it outside
no reaction if he has and accident inside.

but it could also be that he figured he would get an attention if he does it inside, even a negative one - a reason more for not giving him any

Primitive Seasons said...

Hiro is trying to be alpha dog in your home. Let him know YOU are the leader of the pack. The first comment hits it on the head. More frequent walks, especially when you know he's due to go, praise and a treat when he gets the job right. Firm voice and a big NO when he doesn't. He's testing you. All dogs do it. Be firm.


Unknown said...

your first 2 comments are great and correct unless he has something else going on that you are unaware of. I would leave a message for my vet to see if he has a suggestion. Has he ever had his anal glands emptied? That could be an issue also. Just giving you another idea. I hope all is well with him, he is a beautiful dog. I hope everything works out.

Janie said...

All of the above is right and good, unless you find him actually in the middle of doing it inside he won't have any idea that he did something wrong........
Also, he might have been stressed out about something.....


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