Monday, June 16, 2008

Create Your Own Mini Overlay

Recently I've been playing around a lot with acrylics and transparency and I must admit that I LOVE IT! It has so much potential in making your layouts or projects looks awesome and unique. In my latest layout I've used some transparency sheets to create my own mini overlays.

It's really very simple. I've used some stamps where we would normally only use it for making cards or ATCs. and stamped on the transparency using some black solvent ink. And there you have your own mini overlay. Then, you might just want to ask me, why not just stamped on the layout itself?

1) It would give a different texture to the layout
2) It ease the process of stamping an image onto uneven area. (ie. Different layers of papers)
3) In my layout, I've also painted the edges using some red acrylic paint to further defined the squares.
4) It gives the glass look to your layout.
5) You could print any image onto transparency using toner based printer.

Let me know what you think of this idea after looking at the complete layout.


StrawberryPia said...

I envy your creativity! This is a great way of making very pretty embelishments!! Thanks Irene for the inspiration! *hugs* Pia

Gra said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Your creativity have no end!!!!!!
kisses from Israel!!!!

Anonymous said...

Irene this is so easy, I think I can even do it!! Thanks for the idea and I'll for sure give this one a try!

Lisa AKA Chuewanita

dragonflys said...

what a clever idea

catharinas-love said...

This is a great idea !

Lidy's Place said...

What a great idea. I will try it in the future.


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