Sunday, June 8, 2008

Create Dimensions for your Pattern Paper

In my latest project, I've used a pattern paper (DCWV) which I liked a lot. It is a flowery black and white pattern paper. I just thought that if I just use it to layer in my project, the beautiful design of it will not be seen. So instead of just using it to layer, I want to accentuate the design of it in front of my project. Unfortunately I don't have two pieces of it, therefore I've scan part of it (the area I want to accentuate) and print another sheet of it using my printer. Then I've cut the some of the flowers out from one of the pattern papers and attached it on top of the other pattern paper. To add more dimensions to the flowers, I've cut in parts of the petals and curl it up using the tip of my tweezers. I've also inked the flowers to give some colours to it.


Marsha said...

It's beautiful! I think it's one of my favorites of yours.

Marsha said...

Good idea to run the pp through the scanner. I love the effect

G3 said...

Yup I love the idea of scanning the PP and cutting it out to add layers. Will definitely give this a go too.


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