Friday, October 5, 2007

Using Ghost Clocks to Layer your Flower

This is inspired by one of the clock that I saw on the new Window Vista. I love how they've designed the clock to be a flower. So I've thought of using the ghost clocks by heidi swapp to do this.
In my latest layout title "Confused" in my baby gallery, I've included a clock flower as above.
I've used a cheap fabric sunflower and stamped on it using a butterfly stamp to create a more sophisticated look. Then I've put a ghost clock on top of it. To create more dimensions to it, I've use a cut out circle from corrugated paper and a large polka dot brad.


Anonymous said...

I just find your work amazing. Love all the stuff you do.

Sheryl from Lovebug

Danisha said...

I just love this idea!



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