Friday, October 5, 2007

Create a Washed Layered Look with Masking

I've actually used this technique in one of my Halloween card and now it's on my latest layout titled "Confused" in my baby gallery. I call this the "Washed Layered Look". It's sort of a distressed layered look.

To create this effect, simply create your own masks from unwanted scraps of papers. In my layout, I've teared out a quarter curve mask where I will have a quarter circle teared edges to mask with.

Then using some distress ink or pigment ink with a rubberish cosmetic sponge, I've dabbed on the edges of the mask and slowly moving the mask as I'm progressing on the overall circle design that I'm working with. The masking on the teared edges gave it a "washed" look. In my layout, I've done three layers of such masking. This will give you that "layered" look.

It's such a fun technique and gives so much interest and depth to the layout! Try it!

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luv2scrapmilestones said...

hey i like this one too. I have actually tried the transparency trick before. Love it.


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