Friday, October 5, 2007


This is a layout of Chloe when she is ten months old. The inspiration for the title are actually from the reactions from everyone around her during that day. She was dressed kind of "tomboyish" and had sort of create some confusions on others of her gender. That's why I've named the layout "Confused".
In this layout, I've created a ghost clock flower. (Refer to "Using your Ghost Clocks to Layer your Flower" in my tips and tricks section)
I've hand drawn a large circle clock to create a kind of chronograph look. To accentuates the existence of the large clock, I've used the "Washed Layered with Masking" technique, to create some interest on the edges of the large clock. (Refer to "Create a Washed Layered Look with Masking" in my tips and tricks section)
I've hand cut the title and the monogram in this layout. The title is cut outs from a thin cardboard while the monogram is from a mounting board. I've covered all the cut-outs with various pattern papers.
In this layout, I've also used some corrugated papers to add some dimensions to it.
I've used a notebook paper to do my journaling this time. I've left the rings tear out edges on. I think it gives a more distressed look to it. I've used the crinkled and inked technique to distress the notebook paper.
I've not done a layout for almost more than three weeks and I hope I've not lost my touch here. Hope you all like this layout!


tinckerbell said...

wonderfull lay-out ...
tinckerbell from belgium ;o)

Baby's Got Scrap said...

Love the layout! Thanks for sharing all the techniques, I might try the crinkled and inked technique!


forgetfulone said...

What a darling layout! You are so creative! I wish I could come up with something so clever and cute.


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