Saturday, October 13, 2007


This layout is really something I've never thought I would be able to create even at this moment while I'm uploading it to my blog. This is my first ever "Me" layout and it's also my first layout with this much of doodling. I must really admit that it's not easy at all to do a layout about yourself. Looking at my own photograph does not really tells me much except "???".

First of all, I've used the "Steel Ruler Technique" to distress the edges of my photograph. (Refer to my tips and tricks section)

For this layout, I've stenciled some daisies and stamped on the pattern papers.

I've created a transparency pocket for my tag. (Refer to "Create a Transparency Pocket" in my tips and tricks section)

I've also used some crafting wires on my hand doodled flowers. (Refer to "Crafting Wires on Flowers" in my tips and tricks section)

In the right side of the layout, I've used the masking technique to create the blocking and I've also used some corrugated papers to create some dimensions to it. To add some softness to the layout, I've used some fibers on the tag and some ribbons on the lower right hand corner. I've also hand cut the title and stamped on it. All the white borders or frames are all hand doodling.

It has been tough but it's also fun to have tried something new to me. I hope you all would also try something new for your next layout too.


LaY hOoN said...

It's really a 'WOW' !

Marsha said...

Fabulous layout!!!


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