Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Christmas Paper Clips

This is a project where I've used some paper clips and dressed it up for a christmas theme paper clips swap that I'm in.

I've created some ornament shaker boxes to include as part of my design here. You can refer to "Ornament Shaker Boxes" in my tips and tricks section.

I've used a corrugated paper and a vellum for the background here to create more dimension and texture to it. As for the hat, I've used some white felt with red card stock.

I've also added some sequins and snowflakes punch outs to further elaborate the cheerful season.

To attach the overall finished piece to the paper clips, I've used some heavy duty double sided foam tapes and later cover it with another small piece of matching colour card stock with the back of the piece.

Hope you all will give the shaker boxes technique a try!


Linda said...

OMG irene so beautiful you did a amazing shakerbox's and love the way you did the cute hat on the photo's.
You are soooo talented.

Jamie said...

OMG, PT these are beautiful! You know how much I love shakerboxes and the little Santa hats are just too cute! Can't wait to see these IRL.

Anonymous said...

i love the santa hats!!! these are sooo cool!!!! ginny

tinckerbell said...

Great idea !!$
I love it very much


Vanessa said...

Wow.. this is such a great idea. I'd def give it a try!


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