Monday, October 22, 2007

Creating your own "Cabbage Flower"

Recently, I've created what I called the "Cabbage Flower" in one of my card. I've called it cabbage flower because it does looks liked one.

Here are the simple steps to create a cabbage flower.

1. Trace out some circles of different sizes on few different papers.

2. Use the tearing technique to tear it out instead of cutting it out.

3. Add some depth by inking and stamping some details on it.

4. Pinch the edges of each circles to make sure it curves up. This will give more dimensions to the flower.

5. Attached them in layers and finished it with an embellishment of your choice in the middle.

This is a very simple flower technique. Hope you all would give it a try!


chowchow said...

Love your cabbage flower. Reminded me of the Cabbage Patch kids - I grew up with them when I was young. Can't wait for you to finish uploading the card. I am sure that it will be another masterpiece.

naddy said...

nice lah the flower... might try it someday ehehe

Anonymous said...

Love the flower I have been seeing these pop up and can't wait to make one of my one :)

Elaine said...

Just found your site.. What you did with the ghost clock is amazing. I went and bought some today.. You have a unique and wonderful style!

Sandy said...

I love these flowers, I think I'll be making some, thanks for sharing how you did it!


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