Friday, October 19, 2007


This is a layout about Ryan being so adventurous while we take him feeding some tortoise. He is so determined to do the procedure right.
In this layout I've used two photographs of Ryan and I want to make it looked link together. I try avoiding the technique of attaching two photographs onto the same matting. Therefore, I've thought of the lacing technique to link them up. It gives so much depths to the overall look.
I've also used the multi-layers masking technique here to create a more interesting background to work with.
In this layout, I've created some unique embellishments using the "Stitch Up your Buttons" technique. Refer to my tips and tricks section.
I've also used some transparencies to create sort of small quotes overlays to dress up the corners of the photographs.
The title is hand-written and I've also created the chipboard circles from scratch. I've used some foam tapes to attached it to give some dimensions to the layout.


Marsha said...

Super cool boys page!!! I have to try lacing! Love the whole layout!

forgetfulone said...

I love looking at your pages. If only I were patient and creative enough. Still, you give me inspiration!

chowchow said...

Hey, thought you were having a migraines. So, Sb really tones down your migraines, huh? Good for you. When I have mine, nothing helps.

scrapperlicious said...

Michelle, this was done two days ago and finally I'm able to post it up!

Jane said...

I am so glad that you show the close ups because sometimes I miss some of those wonderful elements on your the transparencies...didn't see them the first time!!! Such a cool page here with so much that goes into it!!!

kathj said...

these are so fantastic, where do you buy your stash from or is it mostly hand made by you.

scrapperlicious said...

my embellies are mostly handmade as I don't have the luxury of getting my hands on all the wonderful sb supplies that are in stores nowadays.

Tin said...

Im absolutlely love your blog and this layout is wonderful!
I realy must try this masking technique it is so nice!!!!
Im coming back!!!

Leigh Anne said...

I've actually just signed up for a blogger account - for a photo group, on of course ;) so now I can comment here - this is the one that I lifted from you - I tell you it was a challenge! so SOOOOO FUN too


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