Sunday, October 7, 2007

Meaningful Confetti

This is actually a post that's inspired by one of my blog reader. I was asked through an email about "how I chose my confetti for my ornament shaker boxes?".

I know that a lot of times scrappers just used confetti that suits the theme of the shaker boxes ,the colour choices or simply what they have in their stash.

But in my ornament shaker boxes, I've chosen those confetti based on a different concept. These shaker boxes are for my christmas paper clips project and it's designated for some very dear friends of mine. Therefore I've designed the shaker boxes to have a hidden message in the combination of confetti I've used.

If you've read about my post on the ornament shaker boxes, you will know that I've used some red beads, some white stars and some gold hearts confetti in the shaker boxes.

The red beads represents "love", the stars represents "star" and the gold hearts represents "my heart". The hidden message is actually "Love you for being a star in my heart".

That blog reader of mine were surprised to find out about that and totally love the idea and thought that I should post it for everyone to read. Therefore, I hope with this post, everyone could put a little love or meanings into your choices of confetti and have more fun in creating your shaker boxes.

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