Saturday, September 1, 2007

Birthday Card (Rich Look)

This is a birthday card that I've made for a friend. I've used various earth tones ribbons and a gold ribbon to soften the look. I've used a large heart stencil to do the stenciling here. The small heart and the flower are attached using some foam tapes to give a little dimension to the card. It's quite a simple card that has a rich look .


Anonymous said...

Amazingly beautiful card! Whoever is getting it is going to love it - yet again, your work is exquisite in details.
Would there be a way to show your stencil technique? I can't seem to get the same look as you, and I don't know why. Or give out some tips, maybe?
Thank you for sharing your artwork!

Shaz said...

You are absolutely a brilliant scrapper! I think you work is so different.. I absolutely love your work! ~ Scrappingville, KL


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