Thursday, September 20, 2007

Altered Puzzle Addresses

This is an altered puzzle addresses that I've made for a COF that I'm in. For more explanations on the how-to, you can refer to "Altering Puzzles" in my tips and tricks section.
As I'm all about stamping, I've stamped each piece with a different stamp. These twelve stamps are my favourite at the moment. I've decorated each pieces with some sequins and flowers for some. I've also used bubble stickers and crafting foams on some of the pieces.


Karen Bowers said...

This is really gorgeous and to me innovative. i've never seen an altered puzzle. since you call it altered puzzle addresses, i'm guessing the addresses go on the back?

scrapperlicious said...

Hi Karen,

Yeap! In this altered puzzle project that I've made, I've actually attached the address behind each piece but it would be a better idea if it were to be on the front but unfortunately, the pieces are too small in my case. Hope this helps!

Marsha said...

Amazing work! Wow! I like how you used different stamps on each piece. Your 12 favorite stamps for your 12 favorite sisters.

Cheryl Wray said...

This is just beautiful!!!


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