Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dancing Sticks

This is a layout about Ryan trying to learn how to use the chopsticks. He had so much fun trying to handle the chopsticks and I just thought that it would be such a great moment to scrap. While Ryan is trying to control the chopsticks, it looks as if the sticks are actually dancing and that really cracks me up and inspired me to give this layout the title "Dancing Sticks".

Chopsticks is actually an Asian utensils and learning to use then had always been in my culture.
Therefore, I've tried to create an Asian influence look layout here.
There are quite a few techniques that I've newly used here.
First of all, I've used the "Tear in" and "Water" techniques to distress the dragon tag in the layout. (Refer "Distress using Tear In and Water techniques" in my tips and tricks section.)
Secondly, I've used a temporary dragon tattoo on the tag in this layout. (Refer "Using Temporary Tattoos in your layouts" in my tips and tricks section.)
Thirdly, I've used a bottle cap in my flower design in this layout. (Refer "Bottle Caps in Flowers" in my tips and tricks section)
Lastly, I've created a "Twines Framed Photograph" in this layout too. (Refer "Create a Twines Framed Photograph" in my tips and tricks section.)
I've also done some masking of flowers on the right side and the top left hand corner of the layout. I've used three colours for masking here.
The flowers on the lower right corner of the frame are actually enhanced cut outs from some pattern papers.
I've also added a jade embellishment to add more Asian look to the layout.
The process of creating this layout had actually given me a lot of fun through some unique ideas and techniques. I've love what I've learnt and discovered through this layout and hope you all would give these techniques a try!


Mauri said...

Love the Asian feeling on this Lo and the 3d look
Well done!

fiouna said...

j'adore!!!!!c'est trop trop beau!!je copierais surement une de vos pages en vous cittans évidemment mais j'adore trop!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work.......Never seen the Twines Framed Photograph....Will be scraplifting this one....

And its just not this one.... All is beautiful... You have a good eye for placement. color, etc...

Nice site too......


Tracey said...


Love the lacing technique and the bottle cap too, I think your title is cute and can imagine DS's chopsticks dancing whilst he tries to pick up his food TFS :)

Marsha said...

You used a bottle cap!!!! That is the coolest use of a bottle cap I've seen so far. Love it!

Wati Basri said...

this is superbly beautiful! yr layouts are great!!

Wati (sg)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

love the cut-out flowers, never think it can be enhanced in this way... sure will give it a try. I was reluctant to try the temporary tatoo but looks like everything we think can be added in the scrapbook is a possible tools as well... TFS


Scrappylicious said...

Wow that is gorgeous

Leigh Anne said...

This is another one of my faves - not only the beauty of it, but also the story behind it & how you came about the title!


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