Saturday, September 8, 2007

Distress using "Tear in" and "Water" techniques

Recently, in my latest layout, I've used another two techniques to create a distressed look on a tag. I've used the "tear in " and the "water" technique.

First of all, I've used a very wet sponge to wet the paper and let it dry. The water stains on the paper really gives a really good distressed look.

Secondly, I've tear in on parts of the edges and folded some of the tear ins to create and even distress look.

Thirdly, I've crinkled the paper by scrunching it.

Lastly, I've inked it with some distress ink.

I totally love this effect and I hope to share it here with all my fellow blog readers!


astermei said...

wow. this is amazing stuff. thumbs up irene=)

Colleen said...

I found your blog from Creative Express and I have to say that you are very very talented and I love your work.



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