Saturday, September 8, 2007

Create a Twines Framed Photograph

I really have to share this latest technique that I truly love here with all of you. It is what I called the "Twines Framed Photograph" technique. This technique was actually being inspired by my huge big wedding photograph which had been framed that way.

To create a "Twines Framed Photograph", simply follow the steps below.

1. Cut out a frame out of card stock and cut out some mats for the photographs too. I've used a white card stock and a velum for the mattings of my photograph here. I've also used the "steel ruler" technique here to distress my photograph. (Refer "Using Steel Ruler on Photographs" in my tips and tricks section)

2. Punch some holes on the mattings and also on the frame. Remember: try to positions your holes on the frames and the mattings to create a desired twines threading design later.

3. Use a long twine and thread through the holes alternately between the holes on the mattings and the hole on the frame. Remember: leave some lengths of twine in the beginning to ease your sealing knot at the end.

In the end, you will have an interesting "Twines Framed Photograph" to scrap with. This will definitely draw the attention to the photograph in a layout. To see the finished layout, you can refer to "Dancing Sticks" in my family gallery.

(Note: Do all your distressing and stampings and details to your mattings and frame before threading)

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