Monday, September 17, 2007

Transparency Birthday Card

This is my first attempt in creating a birthday card using transparency. I've been wanting to create some transparency pages or layouts and thought that I could do an experiment first by creating a birthday card. Using transparency in your projects is really a challenge. The difficulty lies on having both sides of it being beautiful at the same time. All adhesives needed to be hide away in one way or another.

The white card stock on this card is attached from the back of the transparency to hide all the adhesives that I've used for the front. It would also act as a place for me to write the dedication. The leaves are also attached from behind but it's in between the transparency and the white card stock. I hope that I've not failed badly in this first attempt.


Anonymous said...

Failed??? This is gorgeous! I have never thought of using transparencies like this - and WOW what a stunning job you have done! I am curious how you have the ribbon attached on the side? Again, you have done a wonderful job!

Linda F. said...

This is beautiful and I really want to try it! BUT... exactly what kind of transparancy did you use. The only ones I have are the floppy ones, the ones you print with your ink jet. I'm just wondering what I should look for to try my hand at this. Maybe you could e-mail me the answer so I don't miss it? TIA!

Jennifer said...

MARVELOUS! Absolutely wonderful.

Amy said...

Irene, You are awesome! This stuff is great. The lacing is unbelievable.


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