Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Stonehenge Sisters

This is a layout on the members of The Stonehenge group in one of the forum that I'm in. It's for the group's challenge. The challenge is to create a group members layout using "stonehenge" as inspiration.
After my last light colours layout, I would liked to challenge myself in doing a very dark colours layout. Therefore I've used quite a number of dark colour papers in this layout. This layout had been quite challenging where I've to include twelve separate individuals photographs in it.
In order to achieve the group looked, I've hand stitched some rectangles to link all the photographs together. This also met the requirement of using "stonehenge" as inspiration for this layout as the rectangles actually resembles the "stonehenge" rocks. (You can refer to "Stitches to link up photographs!" in my tips and tricks section.)
I've also create the flowers using vellums. This had actually soften the look of the dark colours layout. (You can refer to "Vellum Flowers" in my tips and trciks section.)
As a whole, this layout is all about dark colours and using vellums. I hope that my fellow group members would also like this layout.


Allison said...

Gorgeous deatils! Love the vellum work! Beautiful photo tinting!!!! Amazing work girl!

Heather P. said...

Wowie! This is INCREDIBLE!!

Melissa said...

OH MY GOODNESS !!!!!!!!!!!

This is one hell of a piece of work!

Your a very clever bunni!!! xxx

Adriann said...


Wow!!!! It's gorgeous. You really RAWKED this LO!!! I think your Stonehenge Sister will be quite please with it. Fabulous work as usual!


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