Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Create Old Vintage Distressed papers

This post is actually to explain how I've created a distressed vintage look papers for my latest layout titled "Cherish" in my family gallery.

Normally, we would simply dabbed some distressed ink on some pattern papers to get a distressed look but in this layout, I've tried to go a step further to create that old vintage distressed look.

These are the following steps:

1. Choose a few vintage designed/coloured papers as the background and then randomly crinkled the papers. Make some folds everywhere to create some distress lines.

2. Tear the edges of the papers to create a more distressed look.

3. Use some distress ink to ink all the edges and also lighty rub the ink on the distressed lines that we've created earlier.

With all these extra steps, you will get a very old vintage distressed look papers.


Anonymous said...

such a neat idea!!!! ginny

The Dolphin Inn said...

Stunnig work as always Irene, love the distressing techniques you have used on this page TFS :)

Anonymous said...

The process seems straight forward but the final product is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Am working on a heritage album, so will definitely be using this.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing all your tip and techniques!


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