Sunday, July 15, 2007

Create your own Designed Paper

This is a post to explain how I've created a background paper for my latest layout titled "Blooming" in my baby gallery. Before, I create this background paper, I couldn't find any pattern papers from my stash that would suit this layout.
Here's how I've created it.

1. I've cut out a scallop paper using my self-made template and a decorative scissors. (Refer to "Create Your Own Scallop Paper Template" in my tips and tricks section) I've used a decorative scissors here to give more interesting edges to the scallop paper.
2. I've used some twines as a mask to do some masking on the paper using some distress ink.

3. I've randomly stamped some designs and stenciled some leafs on it.

4. I've used the twines again to do a second layer of masking with a darker shade of ink and stamped flowers with some black ink on it. Lastly, I've added some details to it using my black pen.
(Tip: Make sure you use a thicker paper to do this or else the paper might tear with all those layers of ink. Don't worry if the twines does not stay when you try to do the masking. It would looked better if the design is more random)


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your sharing of these techniques. I'm learning alot and can't wait to try this masking with twinel. You make it sound so simple!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, your site is amazing. I want to bookmark it. Thanks for sharing such great ideas. I will surely try this.

Anonymous said...

Irene...It is as cool as all the others. I don't know where you get all your inspiration but it is a gift. You go girl!!!!! (hee hee).

Anonymous said...

i love this, might have to try is myself! ginny

Anonymous said...

I have a question about distressed ink. How are you applying it? Is this a spray that you are using? What is keeping it from blotching up if you are using a pump spray? I love these looks, but I'm not sure how to use distressed ink, other than what comes on a pad.

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...


To answer your question, I've not used any pump srapy here. It's just normal distress ink stamp pad. I've applied it using some cosmetic sponges. I've used the dabbing technique here. Hope this helps.


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