Saturday, August 4, 2007

International Greetings ~ page 1 and 2

This is actually page 1 and 2 of my recent mini album titled International Greetings. My group of friends had actually had a postcard swap earlier. We would liked to do a mini album to showcase those postcards. Our group actually consists of ladies from all over the world. Therefore, I've titled this mini album "International Greetings".

It has been quite tricky to do a mini album as this is my first mini album and doing a mini album for postcards actually doubled the difficulty. I would liked my mini album to be able to showcase both the front and the back of the postcards as my friends had actually done a very good job in creating some beautiful work on it.

Some of my friends had come up with the idea of using clothes pegs, transparencies and vellum pockets to hold those postcards. But I want to do sort of a page for the back of the postcard too. So this is what I've done.

1.First, I've tried to place the postcard on the page to see where I want it to be and would it work if the back were to be in that position too.

2 Then I marked the position on the page using a pencil.

3 I take another cardstock which is the same size as the page and traced the marked position on it.

4 The original page will be for showcasing the front of the postcard and the cardstock would be to showcase the back of the postcard.

5 I cut out the marked position of both cardstocks leaving sort of an open window looked on the cardstocks.

6 Then I will separately do all the paper layering and the brads attaching on it before attaching the postcard.

7 Later, I've back to back pasted both cardstocks together. This will hide off all the brads attaching and stitching.

8 Paste your postcards from either side. Depends on which side you want to showcase more or which side you would want it to be sort of a framed look.

9 Lastly, add more details which overlaps on the postcard.

Above are page 1 and 2 of the mini album which actually showcased the postcard and the sender. After doing this, I sort of liked it and I will be doing for the rest of my postcard pages. Hope you all liked the idea.


Tracey said...

Sooo cool Irene and I know this one - it is easy for me lol, love the challenge too, beautiful work as always TFS :)

Didi said...

WOW that was a tricky project to figure out. I love how you solved it and hope you share the other pages as you complete them. I can't see too much of your work!!!

lindschick said...

Fabulous idea, I love looking at your blog and am in awe of your fab layouts. Love this minibook, looking forward to the rest.

Cher B. Lashley said...

I am an artist who is not really a scrapbooker, but I have to say that these are the most beautiful layouts, artistically speaking, that I have ever seen. BT
W, I have never left a comment on a blog site before, so please take that as a compliment for your beautiful work! Cher


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