Sunday, July 22, 2007

Add on to your flowers with spirographs

I've been going all the way with spirographs in my latest layout titled "Future" in my family gallery. Therefore, I've also used spirographs in most of my embellishments in this layout.

I've drawn some spirographs on white cardstocks and later cut them out and inked on the edges. Then I've attached the flowers onto it with some button brads.

This technique had given more characters to the flowers that I've used in this layout.


Ethan said...

Oh wow, that is too cool. Great idea! What a blast from the past too... I wonder who sells Spirographs these days.

Dolores said...

Your layouts are always so wonderful and full of neat little details. I really love the idea of adding a spirograph design behind the flowers.

You have been awarded the Rockin Girl Blogger Award.

scrapperlicious said...

Hi Dolores,

Thanks for your compliments and I've been told that I've been nominated as a "Rockin Girl Blogger" but I have no idea about a "Rocking Girl Blogger Award". I would very much appreciate it if you could just leave me some info here. Thanks! Irene

Jackie Lokken said...

My name is Jackie and I am not sure who has done this beautiful work.My sister just sent me the blog to look at.I see it as art and my scrapbooking is more like a craft.What I want to know if you are will to do some layouts with out the photos and sell them to me or my sister? My email follows this if you are interested at all,I find these to be awesome and would love to hang them on my wall for inspiration. ps. I have no idea where else your work is on the internet so if you can give me the sites I would be so happy to check those out also.Jackie Lokken in N.Dakota

scrapperlicious said...

Hi Jackie,

I don't seem to be able to get through your email but thanks for your interest in my layouts. I'm glad you liked them. To check out my work, you can click on all the gallery tabs at my topics section at the right side of my blog. If you read my profile, you would know that I'm from Malaysia. And being this far away, it's very difficult to be able to do business with the states. I'm also not able to get my work published in magazine due to that.

The only thing that I could do is to maintained this blog so that more people would know what am I doing and I would be able to share all my experiences and techniques with them. By the way, I do all my layouts by following my heart and passion for scrapbooking. The photographs actually helps a lot. Without looking at the photographs is something I've not tried before. However, if you have better suggestions, you could always tell me.

One thing for sure that I can be of help is to guide you all the way in creating one of my work, if you are interested. At no charged of course. But to me the most important thing is that, do your layout with lots of love and heart and you will find happiness and passion in doing them. If you looked at all my old layouts, they used to be very simple and just the cut and paste kind. Now, I prefer to take my time with it and have fun! After all, scrapbooking is all about having fun!

I really hope this helps and I'm always looking forward to know my blog readers more. Hugs to ya'!



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