Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Using Cut-Outs to create your Background Paper

In my lastest layout titled "hmm..." in my baby gallery, I've used some enhanced cut-outs to create it's background paper. The reason I've did this is because I would liked my background paper to give sort of a focal point in the middle for better showcasing my overall layout.

These are the steps that I've gone through to create the background paper.

First of all, I've used some twines to mask the center of the pattern paper and later I've used a self-made torn square mask to mask around the edges of the pattern paper. (For more explanations on the twines masking, you can refer to "Create your own Designed Paper" in my tips and tricks section.)

Secondly, I've cut out some squares of designs from pattern papers and enhanced it by tearing it's edges, stamping and inking on it. Then I've randomly paste it on the background paper with some idea of how the layout should be.

This is another fun process for me. Always remember that you don't have to force yourself into using a particular pattern paper when it's not right to you. Just use some creativity and imagination, and you'll have your own designed paper just right for your layout!

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