Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stamping on Flowers

I do not know if this technique had been used before but I just want to share it with my fellow blog readers here. I 've seen layouts with flowers inked on their edges or hand made flowers being stamped. But have you stamped on cheap fabric flowers or your scrapbooking pre-made flowers?

Recently, in my latest layout titled "Blooming" in my baby gallery, I've stamped on a cheap fabric daisy to give some details and more textures to it. Don't you think that the daisy now looked more sophisticated? I just love it. Try it!


emma said...

It looks superb! Thank you so much for your lessons, I have learnt a LOT! My scrapbooking will really improve, that's for sure. "ScrapEm"

Kathleen Pitt said...

wow, this looks like a totally cool technique, thank you for sharing :)

Christal said...


I do not speak very quite English but I try to render comprehensible to you. It is far the courses from English of the school!

I adore all your scrap! That beautiful pages! Splendid flowers! I am completely fan!

I will try to embellish my flowers with your ideas. A very beautiful development.

Hello of Belgium and good scrap!



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