Thursday, July 12, 2007

Create your own Flowers

This is a post about how I've created the flowers on my latest layout titled "A boy's giggle" in my family gallery.

There are actually many ways you can create your own flowers. You can use chipboard to cut out your own flowers and decorate them using pattern papers, acrylic paints, stamping and more. You can also use vellum, fabrics and crafting foam too. I believed there are more ways but I would liked to share here the flowers that I've created recently.

1. The first flower that I've created in the layout is a paisley. I've used some decorative scissors to cut out some cardstocks and pattern paper. To add some details, I've punched out holes along the upper layer cardstock and doodled all along the edges. Since this layout is a boy layout, I do not want to create a flower that looked too feminine. I've drawn some native designs in the middle of the paisley to avoid that.

2. I've created the second type of flower using some green and white colour vellums. I've stamped some designs on the white colour vellum and hand drawn detail on the green vellum. I've used eyelets to attach both pieces together.

3. I've created another two type of flowers using some decorative cuttings and some stamping or doodling. I've tied some fabrics on the flowers too instead of using brads or buttons. This would add some interesting dimensions on the layout.

Creating your own flowers is so much fun and I hope you all would give it a try too!

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Anonymous said...

Lately my LO have seemed to get more boring and I came looking for more inspiration and found your LO's on creating keepsakes I believe and was aboslutely blown away!
I have seen some beautiful LO in my time, but non as unbelievably original and unique as yours. And I am SOOOO impressed how you so "easily" I hope, got the designs to jump off the page, giving the page SOOO much dimention.
I have to label your ideas on this page as some of the best ideas I've ever seen. I can't wait to try this on my own page, but hope I don't screw it up trying ;)
Beautiful! I'm stunned. Can't say anything else!


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