Sunday, July 20, 2008

What are See Through or Clear?

This post is mainly to answer some of the questions that had been forwarded to my email recently. "What are See Through or Clear?"

First of all, I think you all could see that I've used various see through or clear elements in most of my recent projects.

Here are some of the materials that could be used to get the see through or clear effect.
1) Plastic (you could stamped on them using some solvent ink or even colour them using alcohol ink or paint marker)
2) Transparency (this material gives you some flexibility as it can be bend, cut, coloured and stamped easily)
3) Acrylic (There are actually various thickness of acrylic in the market. There are acrylic sheets which are not that thick and lighter. It's easier to punch through and not easily breakable. There are also thicker acrylic embellishment, albums and home decor pieces which are more sturdier and heavier. Your projects can be displayed in a stand up position easily.)
4) Glass (You can also used some solvent ink to stamped on them our colour them with alcohol ink but this material does not gives the flexibility in cutting it or shaping it)
5) Screen (This is a more lighter material to work with. It can be easily cut with, stamped and coloured. However, it's a bit too soft for fold ups or creating dimensions with it)
6) Crystals (Great embellishment for making your project glow)
7) Dimensional Accents (ie. glaze, crackle, glossy etc) (This is a very flexible embellishing technique as you can cover most embellishments with it's liquid form and leave a dimensional glossy or special effect top to it.)

There are absolutely more materials that you could find besides the list above. There are various see through or clear materials that had been produced for crafting purposes in the market these days and they're so fun and interesting to work with. Try using them more often. I will be posting more on the tips and tricks in using see through or clear materials in my coming posts and there will be special projects to explain more in using them.


Margo said...

Thanks for sharing!

LaY hOoN said...

Can't wait to see what you had come out.


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