Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tips for "Clear on Clear"

What is "Clear on Clear"? It's when you used some clear materials or embellishments on top of another clear material such as acrylic, transparency or even plastic.

If you just attached them together, you won't get much depth, textures and visual effects. Therefore, here are some tips on how to use them together.

1) There is always the basic method of adding pattern papers to your clear embellishment from the back of it (ie. acrylic embellishment), This will instantly add colour to them but you won't get much of a see through effect after that.

2) Paint it with acrylic paint. You could paint the edges or all over it. If you would liked to still have the see through effect, I would suggest to only paint the edges or part of it.

3) Stamp on it using solvent ink. This is a very fun technique to add colours or details to your clear embellishment and you can still get the see through effect.

4) Apply alcohol ink to it. I will be showing this method in some of my projects for "My Acrylic Album". So keep watch for this.

5) Add details to it using paint markers or gel pens. This is also a very easy method to add some colours and details to it.

6) Add a sticker to it from the back. This is very fast and easy to do.

7) Apply rub-ons to it to add some fine details to it. You can absolutely use some of your left over rub-ons on a small piece of acrylic embellishment.

8) If you're using transparency, you could fold it up or down to create some dimensions. This will differentiate it from the layer of clear material underneath it.

7) Embellish your clear embellishment with glitter, flowers, brads, ribbons, crystals and etc.

I will be posting a project to showcase some of these techniques soon. (Tip: Try to retain the see through effect in your projects when using clear materials.)


Margo said...

Great tips thanks for sharing.

croppin carla said...

I have a question as I tried this last night, do you have any of the Tattered Angles glimmer mist and Heidi Swapp embellishments? I tried the glimmer mist on a flower Heidi Swapp Ghost flower and I thought it turned out aweful. Just was wondering if you had tried this?

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

Hi Carla,

Nope! I've not tried this product as it's not carried in teh stores here. Perhaps I should find a way to get some and experiment on using them. Thanks for sharing this tip!


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