Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Workshops Sold Out!

I was so happy to received this news yesterday from Made With Love, Singapore. Both my workshops in Singapore this June are sold out and some of you are still on the waiting list. I'm really thankful for all the support and glad that you all are interested in taking one or two of my workshops. As for those of you who are on the waiting list, I hope you all would get a seat but if you don't, please don't be sad. I bet MWL will be willing to organize another teaching trip with me if you all request it. I can't wait to meet you all this June and if you all have any questions at all regarding what you all need to bring and so on, feel free to email me or MWL.

I'll be going to Singapore with my family and if any of you want to arrange meet ups or even better, guide us around, it would be so cool! Just email me. Any tips about going to the zoo, night safari and Universal Studio there? I would love to know. Thanks again for the awesome support and looking forward to be in Singapore!


Anonymous said...

Hi Irene

I was one of the first few to grab seats for your 2 classes. :P I heard the seats sold v well and fast!

So looking forward to see u in real person.

I would wish to be able to meet up with u but having put aside my baby to my hubby to take care over weekend while I attend your classes, it's already overstretching him. :P

But I do hope the ref links below could help u. Pls go to our Zoo here....nice nice and I am sure your 2 kids will luv it. Night safari as well.

But if you do need help if u ever got lost, you can always give me a call! Or if you like to know where are the nice food, can call me too!!

You may also wish to go to Marina Bay Sands.


Sue Lui said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Singapore and to attending your workshops, Irene!


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