Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Hiro!

The day is finally here! 21st May! It's Hiro's first birthday! This is a post to celebrate his birthday today! We'll be celebrating with him in a little while with party hats and birthday presents! I just wish there is a bakery here which do bake cakes that are suitable for dogs!! Anyway, I'll update this post with some pictures that we hope to capture during the celebration.

In the meantime, here's Hiro's first birthday ecard which is from some of his Brazilian friends. Thanks to Tony, Nanny, Jack and Valeria for sending him this card!

Here's another ecard! Thanks Chrys!
If you wish to say "Happy Birthday" to Hiro or send him an ecard, simply just post it in the comment section here! If it's an ecard, you could post a link here and if you do create a picture card just like the one above, you could email it to me and I can also add it in this post to share with everyone!

So, come and help me celebrate this wonderful day by sending tons of wishes to Hiro! He would definitely love to hear from all his friends around the world!

Happy Birthday Hiro!!  


Sian said...

Happy Birthday Hiro, wishing you a wonderful day, full of treats and playtime.

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Happy Birthday Hiro. Hope you get a special treat anyways, sorry about the cake, maybe a new bone?

Denise said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIRO! Hope you get lots of treats today.

zandra said...

Just love the card! They look like my Yuki! Happy Birthday, Hiro! You're so doggone cute!
Hugz, Z

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Hiro! You really are a "Hero" to a family that loves you! I hope you got some special treats today!

valeria vac said...

Happy birthday Hiro. We really love you!!!


Chrys said...

Happy Birthday To Hiro

Bise, Chrys.

Jude said...

Happy Birthday Hiro!!!!

Lots of Big Cuddles to you, heeps of goodies.

Be a good boy for MUM.

Arohanui from NZ
XOX :-)

Nikki Love said...

Happy Birthday Hiro!!!!

mysweetpaperdreams said...


Hope you lots of goodies today. :)

((hugs and kisses))
Tammie :0)


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