Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I bet some of you would think that I might ditch all you "Hiro" fans out there this week, since it's Mother's Day. Well, let's just say, I know how it feels to wait for something and found out that you've been ditched. Therefore, I will definitely try my best to post Hiro's updates whenever I can.

Take a look at his picture above. I think this picture would definitely melt anyone's heart! It's so sincere, innocent and pure. 

This picture above is captured during a very cute moment. He is actually looking at the legs of the tripod and being curious about it. The curiosity is clearly reflected on his face expression here.

Recently, he has developed a bad habit. He won't eat his food until late at night. I don't know why, but I think he's fine as long as he still eats. If you all think otherwise, do share with me here. It's always good to learn a thing or two more about dog caring.

Lastly, for those of you who has not participated in the Clear Scraps blog hop, you still have the chance to play along and perhaps lucky enough to win some prizes. Just go on to Clear Scraps blog and start the hop from there. I would like to wish all you wonderful and amazing moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day! Check back tomorrow for another project of mine on The Crop Spot!   


Jude said...

Hi Irene,
"HAPPY MOTHERS DAY", I hope that you get all you wish for today and always. Give Hiro a big cuddle from me, and hope he's being his delightful self to day for you.

Arohanui X :-)

~* steph :) *~ said...

hiro is too sweet! love his curiosity. happy mama's day!
if you ever have any classes in hawaii, please let me know :). i love your work!
*hugs* and much aloha,
steph :)

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous dog. I agree that he's okay as long as he's eating. I had an animal that wouldn't eat if anyone was in the room with him.

Ann Arbogast said...

Both of my dogs eat at about 3 a.m. each morning.

Margreet said...

I think your dog will be ok. I had a dog who did the same because all day he waited for all the yummie stuff like cookies and such,he would get from everyone and when we went to bed he knew he wouldn't get anymore so he then ate his own meal. As long as he keeps eating he'll be fine.
Happy mother's day!


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