Saturday, May 1, 2010

3 More Weeks to 1

Hiro is 49 weeks now and will be 1 in three weeks time. We do plan to get him a present. Any great suggestion? He is still in his chewing frenzy at times. Today, I just went out to get another furniture marker...sigh...Hope he grows out of it soon. I wonder if the reason for this chewing issues is due to teething. 

This week has been not been great for me at all. I've been very sad and down for quite a few days and now I'm trying to get all the drama out of my mind through scrapping. Another news that I would liked to share is that if you noticed on the right of my blog, I've actually resigned from two of my DTs. Hopefully this will open my schedule up for more great opportunities in the future. Have a great NSD everyone and for those of you who is celebrating Labour Day today, Happy Labour Day!


pooky said...

Hi Irene!!! My dog always loved stuffed doggie toys! I'm so sorry you are sad:((( Talking about it and doing your beautiful scrapping hopefully will make you feel better. I hope you have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hello Irene, I have no dog so I can help you with that.
I'm so sorry that this week was not so fine, bud you have only two hands and a lot on your mind so it is better that you choose for you and you're beautiful scrapwork than make scrapwork where you don't have a good feeling about it.

greetings, Andrea

prutsels said...

Sorry you are feeling sad, I am sure I am just one of the very many people who from your blog, get a lot of inspiration. If there is anything I can do for you, let me know.

S@ski@ said...

Hi Irene!

Your dog is getting more beautiful every time I see pics of him! HOw about buying him a plastic birthday cake to chew on? (don't know if they exist?). I hope you will be feeling better soon. After rain comes sunshine! Have a nice weekend from a cloudy and chilly Holland.

mysweetpaperdreams said...

Happy bday to Hiro. I enjoy looking at his "baby" pictures. TFS those with us. I would have to guess about him teething. Since he is a larger breed, he still may be teething. If not, maybe he is just bored. I think he would love a good chew toy to chomp on. It will be great for his teeth and better for your furniture. :)

I hope you are feeling better today. It seems things come in 3's before they get better. (believe me I could write a book on that) LOL!

Your work amazes me and you are one talented lady. You make the world a pretty place.

Tammie :)


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